How to Share Mods
Sharing mods with the Community.

Welcome to our game mods upload platform! Whether you're a passionate gamer or a mod developer, this is the place to share your creations. Let's walk through the steps for sharing your game mods:

Step 1: Click on the "Upload Mods" Button

Begin the mod uploading process by locating and clicking on the prominently displayed "Upload Mods" button. This will direct you to the mod upload page, where you can start sharing your mods with the community.


Step 2: Click on the Icon to Open the Mod Selection Window

Once you've clicked "Upload Mods," an icon will prompt the opening of a window specifically designed for selecting the mods you intend to upload. This step ensures that you can easily navigate through your directories to find the desired mods.


Step 3: Select the Mods You Want to Upload (Min. 1, Max. 4)

Now comes the moment to choose the mods you wish to share. You have the freedom to select a minimum of one mod and a maximum of four mods for upload. Take this opportunity to showcase your mods and let others enjoy your creativity.


Step 4: Confirm and Click on "Upload"

After selecting the desired mods, take a moment to confirm your selection. Once you're certain about the mods chosen, proceed by clicking the "Upload" button to initiate the upload process.

Your Mod Has Been Successfully Uploaded!

Congratulations! Your mod has been successfully uploaded to our platform. A unique link is now generated for your uploaded mods, ready to be shared with fellow gamers and enthusiasts. Feel free to distribute the link and let others experience your mods in their gaming adventures.

Thank you for contributing to our growing community of modders and gamers. Your creativity and contributions make the gaming world more vibrant and enjoyable for all!

Note: If you are logged in and eligible for monetization, we offer you the option to monetize your content. If you upload mods as an unregistered user, you won't have access to this monetization feature.