Wood Pellet Factory — Review
Wood Pellet Factory — Review

The Wood Pellet Factory offers a comprehensive solution for wood pellet production within Farming Simulator. This fully animated facility is housed in two wood-clad buildings, each measuring 48m x 25m x 10m, with one version featuring three sliding doors and the other two sliding doors, open on one side.

To initiate wood pellet production, players must utilize wood shavings sourced from the game, obtained either by crushing wood or harvesting poplar. Additionally, rolls of bags and empty pallets are required, which can be purchased from the in-game store. The wood shavings are deposited into a large hopper, where two conveyor belts transport them to a second hopper. From there, a cylindrical press rapidly rotates, crushing the wood shavings into sawdust and compressing them into pellets. A blower then propels the pellets through pipes to the bagging area, where rolls of empty bags are positioned. Following bagging, the palletizer arranges the pellets onto empty pallets, ready for storage in racks.

With a production rate of 8 pallets per day, players can transport their pallets of wood pellets to designated drive points, where they can be sold to residents around the clock, generating income.

The price of the two factory versions is $195500, with a daily maintenance cost of $35. Additionally, a roll of bags (480 bags) costs $150, while 11 empty pallets are priced at $400. The drive point of sale can be acquired for $14500.

The two versions of the empty building are priced at €55500, with a daily maintenance cost of $10.

The Wood Pellet Factory mod provides players with a sophisticated and immersive wood pellet production facility, offering a realistic portrayal of the production process. With its detailed animations and extensive features, it enriches the farming experience within Farming Simulator.

Our Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

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