Weckman WS 130G — Review
Weckman WS 130G — Review

Weckman WS 130G is a versatile mid-size grain trailer, particularly popular in Northern Europe, especially in Norway and Finland. With its 13-ton payload and opening sides, it offers flexibility for various agricultural tasks.

The opening sides allow for easy modification, offering configurations ranging from a standard 5,600-liter capacity to additional sides with a 14,000-liter capacity. Moreover, the option to remove sides provides a convenient platform for pallets. Additional accessories such as raised sides, a cover, and a round bale frame further enhance its utility.

It's worth noting that the mod supports Interactive Control by Vertex Dezign, enabling seamless control of all functions, though it's not mandatory.

Version 1.1 introduces Interactive Control, Tuhti decals for selection, and improved attaching behavior, enhancing the overall user experience.

With its affordable price tag of $16,000 and a capacity ranging from 5,600 to 18,400 liters, the Weckman WS 130G proves to be a valuable addition to Farming Simulator 22, offering versatility and convenience for players tackling agricultural tasks.

Our Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

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