Tipper Semi Trailer — Review
Tipper Semi Trailer — Review

The SKI 18 & 24 7.2m Tipper Semi-Trailer Mod is a meticulously detailed addition to your gaming experience in the transportation simulator, offering new options and enhancements. This mod introduces two variants of semi-trailers - one with two axles and the other with three axles, named SKI 18 and SKI 24, both measuring 7.2 meters in length. These semi-trailers feature a variety of custom parts and load customizations, increasing their flexibility and entertainment value.

One of the standout features of this mod is the ability to own these semi-trailers, adding another dimension to gameplay. With the option for liftable axles, players are provided with greater control over the vehicle depending on the current cargo weight, contributing to a more realistic gaming experience.

The mod also includes a plethora of custom parts, including marker light placements, allowing players to customize the semi-trailer to their preferences. The paintable option adds another layer of personalization, while baked AO ensures high-quality textures and visual appeal.

Several real-paint colors are available in the mod, enhancing the authenticity of the gaming world. The semi-trailer is also available in the freight market, allowing players to integrate it into their transportation operations.

Finally, the mod comes with custom sounds for lift axles and trailer legs, further emphasizing its authenticity and realism.

Overall, the SKI 18 & 24 7.2m Tipper Semi-Trailer Mod is a well-designed and detailed gaming mod that adds new dimensions and possibilities to the game. With its multitude of custom parts, customization options, and authentic details, this mod is a suitable addition for all fans of transportation simulation games.

Our Rating: 4,5 / 5 Stars

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