Scania 4 Series — Review
Scania 4 Series — Review

Scania 4 Series (Version 1.2) comes with a range of enhancements that will delight every player. This update introduces new interior animations while also fixing minor bugs, contributing to an even smoother driving experience. This version is fully compatible with the latest game version 1.49.

This mod offers wide customization options. There are several types of cabins, chassis, engines, and interiors to choose from. Whether you prefer the classic Topline cabin or the luxurious Exclusive version, there are plenty of options in this mod, so you can choose your favorite.

With various gearbox options and interior accessories, your driving experience becomes even more enjoyable. You can choose between 8, 12, and 14-speed transmissions. Scania 4 Series is an excellent choice for ETS2 players who appreciate the Scania brand and are looking for something different from the base vehicles in the game. With its wide customization options and enhanced features, you're guaranteed to enjoy even more hours of fun on the roads.

Our Rating: 3 / 5 Stars

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