Remoled Nextgen Tuning Pack — Review
Remoled Nextgen Tuning Pack — Review

Welcome to the review of the Remoled Nextgen Tuning Pack! This impressive package of modifications for your truck offers a wide range of new features and options to highlight the unique character of your vehicle.

Let's start with the front bumpers, which are signature-designed and add a distinct look to the vehicle. Furthermore, we have various accessories from the renowned brand Kelsa, such as the Lobar SL9 and SL12, available in painted or chrome versions, and protective bullbars that add both toughness and style to your vehicle. Also included are covers for the 5th wheel, which are essential and come in various designs.

But that's not all! With Aero slots for air intake and various combinations, high and low mount BakBars, and AirBars with 4 options, you can choose what best suits your needs. Additionally, there are mirrors with slots for additional accessories and even painted high and low fenders.

The selection of colors for lights is also impressive: from yellow and blue lens options for high, mid, head, and fog lights with colored output and flares to yellow and blue laser lights. We didn't forget about the details either, as we have chrome and painted chassis bars and light bars to add flair to your vehicle.

Other features include active yellow and blue fog lights on bumpers, blinker options on 50k Lollipops, more door handles, and low fenders. Overall, it's a great tuning pack that allows for perfect customization of your truck according to your preferences and style.

Our Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

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