Peterbilt 378 — Review
Peterbilt 378 — Review

The Peterbilt 378 mod, now in its latest iteration Version 4.1, brings a host of updates and improvements to the iconic American truck.

One of the standout features of this mod is its attention to detail, evident in the updated interior animations that enhance the immersive experience of driving this classic truck. Bugs have been fixed, and many definitions have been corrected, ensuring smoother gameplay and functionality.

The mod offers players a variety of customization options with two cabins, two interiors, and two chassis to choose from. With 24 engine options including Cat C15, Cat 3406, Detroit Diesel DD60, Cummins ISX15, and Cummins NTC, players can tailor the performance of their truck to suit their preferences. Additionally, the inclusion of more transmissions adds to the versatility of the truck.

DLC support ensures compatibility with additional content, while the option to purchase the truck at either the Peterbilt dealer or Mod Dealer adds convenience for players.

Furthermore, the mod provides ample tuning options and accessories, allowing players to personalize their Peterbilt 378 to their liking, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality.

Peterbilt 378 is a standout mod for American Truck Simulator, offering players a highly customizable and immersive driving experience with its detailed design and extensive feature set. Whether cruising the highways or hauling heavy loads, this mod is sure to delight fans of classic American trucks.

Our Rating: 4,5 / 5 Stars

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