Skin Pack: Olivier S. Transports Company — Review
Skin Pack: Olivier S. Transports Company — Review

Designed for Transports Olivier S. from France, this skin pack offers amazing customization options for Scania RJL R-4 and Scania RJL R&S vehicles.

A standout feature of this pack is the integrated lightbox, allowing players to add another level of personalization to their trucks' appearance. This detail adds another dimension of individuality to the game, enabling players to express their own style.

The visual quality of the design is high, adding authenticity and aesthetics to the game. With skins available for trailers, achieving overall coherence between the truck and trailer adds another sense of unity and professionalism to the game.

This mod is an ideal choice for players seeking to add a personal touch and elegance to their gaming experiences. With further customization options and full integration with Scania RJL vehicles and trailers, this pack offers players a great way to enhance their gaming environment.

Our Rating: 3,5 / 5 Stars

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