Manual Refueling — Review
Manual Refueling — Review

Manual Refueling redefines the refueling process within Farming Simulator, offering a more hands-on approach to fuel management. With this mod, players are required to step out of their vehicles and manually refuel, adding a layer of realism to the gameplay experience. The inclusion of support for refueling from objects like barrels and pallets, as well as DEF fill type support, expands the mod's functionality and utility.

Version represents a significant improvement, featuring optimized and cleaned code for smoother performance. Additionally, the updated game screenshots provide a glimpse into the enhanced refueling mechanics, further enhancing the overall visual experience. However, one area for potential enhancement could be the addition of an animation for taking the fuel nozzle from its stand, which would add an extra level of immersion to the refueling process.

In summary, Manual Refueling offers a welcome change to the refueling mechanics in Farming Simulator, requiring players to actively engage with their vehicles for refueling. While the mod already provides a realistic experience, the potential addition of animations could further elevate the immersion and make the refueling process even more authentic.

Our Rating: 3 / 5 Stars

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