Lizard ArtM PTO — Review
Lizard ArtM PTO — Review

Lizard ArtM PTO is a valuable addition to Farming Simulator 22. With a price of $3750, it serves as a power unit with power take-off, designed for machines that have a stationary mode, such as the Premos 500 and the GÖWEIL, among others.

This mod offers impressive features, including a fuel capacity of 240/340 liters and a DEF capacity of 60/160 liters, ensuring efficient operation. With a maximum power of 405 HP, it provides sufficient power for various tasks on the farm. Players can customize their experience with color settings, design configurations, and wheel color options. Additionally, extra options enhance the versatility of this mod.

Version brings notable improvements, including the addition of wheels configuration, modified height in work mode, and enhanced work supports with manual deployment. These enhancements contribute to a smoother and more realistic gameplay experience.

Lizard ArtM PTO proves to be a valuable asset for Farming Simulator 22 players, offering a range of features and improvements that enhance gameplay and efficiency on the virtual farm.

Our Rating: 4,5 / 5 Stars

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