Hino 500 1726 — Review
Hino 500 1726 — Review

The Hino 500 1726 truck brings another fantastic addition to the world of American Truck Simulator. With an independent truck model and high-quality 3D models for both exterior and interior, this mod offers a realistic and intricately detailed driving experience.

One of its key advantages is the high-quality textures, original wheel rims, and 3D tires with high resolution. It includes a plethora of accessories such as lights, various beacons, bars, interior add-ons, and sun visors, allowing for extensive customization. In terms of technical specifications, the mod also offers a wide range of transmissions, engines with varying power outputs, several types of axles, and cabins. The truck can be purchased from any dealer, so it doesn't matter which one you visit.

This truck adds a touch of classic European flair to the game, allowing you to stand out on the road among American trucks. The author spent long hours modeling this truck, and it shows in the meticulous attention to detail. Everything is finely tuned to perfection.

Our Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

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