Europe Enhance Map — Review
Europe Enhance Map — Review

When I decided to explore the new version of the Europe Enhanced map, I couldn't wait to see what this mod brings. And I must say, I wasn't disappointed. Right from the start, I was impressed by the author's ambition to enhance the authenticity and details of the European map. It's clear from the beginning that this mod is not just another small addition but truly aims to transform the gaming world into something more meaningful and realistic.

One of the most noticeable changes I observed was the complete overhaul of certain city parts and the addition of new traffic signs. These details add a new dimension to the game and bring it closer to the reality of European roads and cities. While the removal of custom junctions may seem like a loss at first glance, it actually contributes to better compatibility with the latest game version and opens doors for integrating new features and improvements.

Another positive aspect is the support for the West Balkans DLC, even though without custom changes. The removal of buildings may create a sense of emptiness at first, but the author has already replaced some of them with new ones, giving the game a fresh and revitalized feel. Overall, I consider this mod to be a significant contribution to the game, pushing the realism and details of the gaming environment to a new level.

Our Rating: 3,5 / 5 Stars

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