Creina Slurry Tank — Review
Creina Slurry Tank — Review

Creina Slurry Tank introduces significant enhancements to the Farming Simulator 22 world. Priced at $8000 and with a maximum working speed of 14 km/h, it proves to be an efficient tool for fertilizing, finding its place on any farm.

Version 1.6 of this mod brings several notable improvements. The addition of rust effects adds a realistic touch to the model, enhancing its visual appeal. The option to configure capacity provides flexibility in planning and executing various agricultural activities.

Furthermore, the time it takes for the trailer to get dirty from dirt (e.g., mud, dust) has been adjusted to match real-life conditions.

Creina Slurry Tank is a well-balanced and comprehensive addition to the game, offering players of Farming Simulator 22 not only visual enjoyment but also practical enhancements. With its quality and functionality, it becomes a valuable and indispensable tool for any farmer seeking an efficient and realistic agricultural experience.

Our Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

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