Arnook’s Container Pack — Review
Arnook’s Container Pack — Review

Version 8.0 of this mod brings several significant updates and additions, making this container pack even more intriguing.

One of the main additions is the new 20-foot HC container with 10 different designs and the replacement of the 20-foot SCS container with a new model featuring 20 new designs. These new container variants add greater diversity and customization options for players.

Compatibility with the AI Train Add-on has been added, along with support for companies in the Kansas DLC. One of the most significant features of this mod is its full compatibility with SCS chassis configurations (single, double, etc.). Containers are available on the freight market and can be owned as custom trailers.

Arnook's Container Pack V8 is a fantastic addition to American Truck Simulator, offering a wide range of new possibilities and features. Its comprehensive compatibility and variety of containers make this mod highly recommended for players seeking more options in cargo transportation in the game.

Our Rating: 3,5 / 5 Stars

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