Amazone Power Harrows Pack — Review
Amazone Power Harrows Pack — Review

The Amazone Power Harrows Pack introduces a versatile range of soil tillage implements, ideal for seedbed preparation in Farming Simulator. Comprising two rotary harrows, two rotary cultivators, and one drill unit, this pack offers flexibility for various applications.

Among the featured implements are the Amazone KE 3000 Super and KG 3000 Super, each boasting a 3m working width and requiring 85PS and 95PS of power respectively. Additionally, the Amazone KE 4000 Super and KG 4000 Super offer a wider 4m working width, requiring 105PS and 130PS of power respectively. Finally, the Amazone Greendrill 200E, priced at 4250€, offers a versatile 3-4m working width and requires only 15PS of power.

With their configurable options, these machines can be tailored to suit various farming needs, ensuring efficiency and productivity in seedbed preparation. Whether used individually or in combination with a seed drill, the implements from the Amazone Power Harrows Pack provide a comprehensive solution for soil tillage tasks.

Overall, this pack offers a valuable addition to Farming Simulator, providing farmers with high-quality implements from Amazone to enhance their farming operations.

Our Rating: 4,5 / 5 Stars

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